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Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Process

Meticulous every step of the way

Our Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Packages offer long-term protection for your investment. Your vehicle will be protected from becoming damaged by chemical etching, UV damage, and environmental contamination.

It will stay cleaner for longer and become much easier to wash and maintain once Coated. Every time it is washed, your vehicle will look super glossy like it was just detailed.

Our meticulous process outlined below was created to yield incredible value and world-class, lasting results. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in the hands of true Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating specialist who really care!

We love everything cars. If you have questions, please contact us!
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our process

Step 1: Wheels & Tires
Deep Clean of Wheels & Tires

Before we can ceramic coat your vehicle's wheels & tires, we must deep clean them first.

Wheels barrels, faces, and tires are deep cleaned and prepped for coatings. Wheel barrels & brake calipers receive FEYNLAB Touchless Sealant unless the “Wheels Off” Ceramic Coating Service is selected.

wheel wash icon
Step 2: First Wash
Wash 1 of 3

We perform a thorough high-pressure rinse and foam cannon wash using Feynlab Pure Wash. Seems, cracks, and crevices are carefully cleaned using soft brushes.

Pure Wash safely removes contaminants as well as old waxes and sealants.

car wash
Step 3: Iron Remover Treatment
Remove Contaminants

We apply a special product that will dissolve iron particulate, metal deposits, and organic contamination deep from the pores of your paint. This step is critical to ensuring the paint is as clean as possible before paint correction is performed.

iron remover treatment
Step 4: Second Wash
Wash 2 of 3

Your vehicle is foamed, washed, and rinsed again with FEYNLAB Pure Wash to ensure pH levels are restored after the iron remover treatment.

car wash
Step 5: Third Wash
Wash 3 of 3

A third and final wash with FEYNLAB Rinseless is completed to ensure all pH levels are neutralized and the exterior of your vehicle is as clean as possible prior to paint correction.

car wash
Step 6: Clay Bar Treatment
Increase Ceramic Coating Adhesion

While the rinseless wash is still on the car, we carefully clay bar your paint and glass using FEYNLAB Prime as our clay lubricant.

Prime leaves behind an enhanced chemical structure that further promotes ceramic coating adhesion to provide maximum longevity of your coating.

Step 7: Drying
Dry every Inch

We dry every inch of your vehicle with premium Korean weave microfiber towels from The Rag Company and heated, filtered forced air to ensure there are no drips or runs

dry car
Step 8: Taping
Taping off Plastic and Rubber

We tape every piece of plastic, rubber, and trim that can’t or shouldn’t be corrected. This ensures polishing liquids do not stain the things that aren’t paint.

We use special, high-end tape meant specifically for detailing.

Step 9: paint Correction
Signature Paint Correction

Now that your vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, prepped, and taped, it is time to perform our Signature Paint Correction.

We pride ourselves in taking a surgical approach to paint correction to restore your paint to better than new condition.

We use 1”, 2”, 3”, and 5” Rupes Random Orbital Polishers to surgically dissect your vehicles paintwork from rockers to roof. Whether you opt for our Stage 1 or Stage 2 Paint Correction Service, most unsightly swirls, scratches, water spots, and defects will be removed and refined, which will in turn give your car that “better than new” look.

We meticulously refine your paint until perfect optical clarity is obtained.

New/Like New

new car paint condition

Light Swirls

light swirls condition


large swirls

Heavy Swirls/Scratches

deep swirls condition
Step 10: Inspection & Coating prep
Prepare for Greatness

Once the paint correction has been performed, we carefully inspect your paint using special lighting to ensure a sufficient level of correction has been achieved.

We then carefully wipe your vehicle down with FEYNLAB Panel Prep prior to Coating. Panel Prep removes any polishing oils or residue left behind to ensure proper bonding of your FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating.

Step 11: Ceramic Coating
When the magic happens

The time has finally come for us to apply your FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating!

Once coated, we use shortwave infrared lamps to bake the coating to your vehicle. This helps expedite the cross-linking and bonding process which will result in superior protection and performance.

ceramic coating
Step 12: Warranty Submission
Protect Your Protection

We provide you with a warranty kit that includes helpful information regarding maintenance of your new FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating. Your treatment will be attached to CARFAX as well.

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